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Wistron NeWeb CM9 802.11a/b/g miniPCI Card

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Develop your own wireless access point, bridge, or wireless client with this fourth generation Atheros card.

Use this card with your Soekris systems, m1n1wall systems and other embedded devices.

This is the preferred card for Dell laptops due to the location of the antenna connectors.


  • 802.11a/b/g
  • Upto 108 Mbps
    • WLAN 802.11a/b/g: 802.11b, 802.11g, 802.11g Super Mode, 802.11a, 802.11a Turbo Mode.
    • Super G™ and Super A/G™ deliver wired speeds with backward compatibility
  • This Wistron Neweb CM9 (CM9-GP) card is the miniPCI Type IIIb format which is the smaller miniPCI form factor, so this card should fit in miniPCI slots when the Type IIIA cards will not.
  • Two U.FL (MHF) antenna leads on upper right corner
  • Can be designed or embedded for OEM project/ embedded systems.
    • Supports Power Save mode, Wake on Wireless LAN (PC-OEM)
    • Full interoperability, feature and regulatory certification compliant
    • WHQL compliant (Microsoft)
    • RoHS Compliant


  • Atheros AR5004 4th generation chipset.
    AR5213 (MAC+BB) + AR5112 (2.4/5GHz radio)
  • Variable Transmit Output (Maximum:)
    • 802.11a 17 dBm
    • 802.11g 18 dBm
    • 802.11b 18 dBm all +/- 2dBm
  • Receive Sensitivity:
    • 802.11a: -88dB@ 6Mbps, -71dB @54Mbps
    • 802.11g: -90dB@ 6Mbps, -74dB @54Mbps
    • 802.11b: -95dB@ 1Mpbs, -90dB @11Mbps
  • Security:
    • WPA - 64, 128, 152-bit WEP data encryption
    • AES (Advanced Encryption Security) Support - AES-CCM & TKIP
    • IEEE 802.1x Authentication
  • Supports multi-country roaming (802.11d)
  • Fourth Generation (4G) Atheros baseband and radio
  • 3.3V Operating Voltage
  • Transmission Power Control (TCP) to adjust RF output power.
  • Dynamic Freqency Selection (DFS) support - works in USA, Europe, Japan & China
  • Manufacturer Support for Windows ® 2000/XP/Vista/7 and Linux ™. No support for but definitely works with BSD.


  • Note the drivers for this card are currently available via Download only Newer drivers may be available from Atheros or may already be loaded with your operating system.
  • Linux support via madwifi driver
  • Download the FreeBSD driver or look in the kernel tree. See wi, atw, ath(4)
  • New: OpenBSD now supports some Atheros cards. See ath on this page.
  • Works with m0n0wall.
  • Works with pfsense

Power Consumption:

  802.11a 802.11b 802.11g
FTP Tx : 420mA 430mA 410mA
FTP Rx : 300mA 310mA 310mA
Standby mode: 260mA 250mA 270mA
Power saving mode: 50mA 50mA 50mA
RF Kill : 40mA 40mA 40mA

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