Item #: KIT-2D13-RED-U
Our Price: $193.00
Optional Cable


ALIX.2D13 DIY Kit - Red Unassembled


All the hardware components needed to support your preferred application:

Thin clients, kiosks, industrial user interface, wireless routers, firewalls, special purpose network devices... you add the software - your choice!

Kit components include:

Does not include:

  • Software. Load your preferred OS and application on the included CF card. Need help? See this page with a list of your software options.
  • Null modem cable  with a Female to Female adapter to connect to the serial console
  • Cat 5 ethernet cables to connect to your network
  • Add-on ALIX wireless kits
  • Support

Additional information:

Warranty and Support Information:

  • No support is available for troubleshooting problems with ALIX or APU Kits.
  • No returns after 30 days.
  • Two year manufacturers limited warranty on the ALIX board from date of manufacture. Please contact the manufacturer for RMA instructions.
  • One year manufacturers limited warranty on the case and power supply.
  • All Specifications subject to change without notice.


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by Justin
on 7/16/2012
from Northern VA
Great device good value.
Packing was good not over done but more than sufficient to protect the parts.

Excellent fit and finish. There is no slop in fitting the board into the case. the finish on the case is well done holes for the plugs are precision cut for a fine looking final product. 

The only, ever so slight, negative I would give the fit and finish would be the holes on the base that accept the screws that fasten the lid on were not tapped the screws self tapped fine but as a final touch it would be nice if this were done. However for the cost to have these holes tapped would probably be prohibitive.

The flash drive comes blank and will need to have the OS installed. If you have ever re-imaged a drive in Linux using dd you are good to go.

For the tech savvy I would recommend. For non tech get the pre-configured version.

Great firewall business class features at a good price.
by James Shupe
on 4/29/2012
from Kilgore, Texas
Bought 100 of these...
We bought 100 of these for a project and loaded all of them with a custom OpenBSD flashdist image. These are used to establish a VPN tunnel back to a central location using AES-128-CBC, which yields about 14Mbps of throughput using the onboard hardware acceleration.

6 of the 100 CF cards they came with were DOA, but every other component has worked flawlessly during 24/7 operation for several weeks. Netgate handled the returns of the bad CF cards well and in a timely manner.

We purchased these unassembled and created a 128MB image to dd onto each CF card before building to install the OS -- the first one was installed via PXE which worked fine. We don't use the other space on the CF cards, but don't fully trust them after having 6% DOA.

The console settings are a little odd, 38400 8n1, but work fine. I wish Alix would use some more common defaults (9600 8n1 or 115200 8n1). We just set the OS to 38400 8n1 instead of changing the settings on every single machine.
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