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Netgate pfSense Certified® Router/Firewall/VPN for Amazon Web Services EC2

Amazon Web Services EC2 pre-configured virtual appliance software.

Powered by Open Source
Powered by the popular Open Source pfSense router/firewall/VPN distribution, you can expect a highly stable, easy to configure and use software.

One price, unlimited possibilities.
Unlike other security products, we do not limit the number of firewall rules, IPsec tunnels, VLANs or concurrent VPN users in order to create artificial price points.

Anonymous routing, secure bridging.
Internet traffic will appear to originate from the AWS cloud, providing anonymity and obscuring the user's physical location.

New Feature! Amazon AWS VPC Configuration Wizard

Easily establish a VPN Connection directly from your Amazon EC2 Netgate pfSense AMI to a VPC belonging to the same AWS account in the same or a different region! (Learn More!)

Product Description

The Netgate pfSense Certified appliance delivers advanced routing, firewall and VPN for your cloud-based infrastructure. Much more than a simple gateway or firewall solution, Netgate will cut operating expenses by providing new options for security traffic engineering. With Netgate's pfSense Certified appliance you can reduce latency and save money by routing traffic directly from VPC to VPC. Stop paying for multiple AWS VPN Gateways by terminating multiple VPN tunnels on a single appliance. You may also use the same appliance for secure remote access and Layer-2 cloud bridging, and enable privacy and anonymity for end users. This appliance also supports peer to peer tunnel operation with compatible devices, including other instances of pfSense.

The pfSense Router/Firewall/VPN for Amazon AWS brings all the routing and security features of pfSense to the Amazon EC2 cloud. pfSense is an Open Source FreeBSD based stateful firewall, router, VPN and security appliance. It is suitable for use as a VPN endpoint for mobile devices, laptops, and desktop computers to ensure that data sent over unsecured wireless networks or untrusted wired networks is encrypted using industry standard encryption algorithms. It can also be used to establish a connection between one or many sites with the internet or each other.

The AWS VPC Wizard allows you to skip the tedious and error prone steps to configure your VPN connections by hand.  The AWS VPC Configuration Wizard collects basic information from you, then negotiates the creation and connection of your VPN connections to Amazon AWS VPC automatically.  Various topologies are supported including connections within the same region and with different regions.  

Product Details

Netgate pfSense certified firewall and VPN appliance, version 2.1.5

Only available through the Amazon AWS Marketplace

Documentation and Support Information

AWS Infrastructure Support is a one-on-one, fast-response support channel that is staffed 24x7x365 with experienced and technical support engineers. The service helps customers of all sizes and technical abilities to successfully utilize the products and features provided by Amazon Web Services. Learn more.

  • No refunds or returns. You may cancel or stop using this service at any time.
  • Paid support is available.
  • All Specifications subject to change without notice.


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