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Netgate FW-7541: 6 LAN Firewall Network Application Platform 

Compact pfSense firewall with Dual Core Intel Atom D525 and six GigE network ports

No stock.  We suggest one of these replacements C2758 (1U rack mount) or FW-7551 (desk top).



pfSense Certified® Netgate 1 year support

The first pfSense Certified® system.

The Netgate FW-7541 fanless network appliance is the first pfSense Certified® system, featuring the flexibility of pfSense as a firewall, LAN or WAN router, VPN Appliance, DHCP Server, DNS Server, or other special purpose Appliance.

A portion of this purchase goes directly to support pfSense development. By choosing a pfSense Certified system you financially support open source software and gain peace of mind that this system has been vetted and tested by the pfSense core team at Electric Sheep Fencing (ESF).

One common barrier to choosing and implementing open source software is the availability of prompt, professional support from knowledgeable individuals. ESF eliminates that barrier for FreeBSD-based pfSense users by providing paid support, consulting and development services to the open source community. Free support is also available on the Forums hosted by ESF.


  • Ships with the most current version of pfSense.
  • Includes one year of Netgate Premium Support.
  • Fanless desktop form factor design means no moving parts and longer life.
  • Low power platform designed with speed and flexibility in mind.
  • Reduces electricity costs by using an embedded ultra-low voltage Intel Atom 1.8 GHz CPU with Intel ICH8M system logic
  • Six integrated GigE Ethernet ports designed for front-line security deployment, where reliability and availability are of key concern.


  • 2 GB memory included, expandable to 4 GB (here)
  • Passively cooled fanless design
  • Dual core Intel Atom 1.8 GHz CPU
  • 6 GbE network ports (can be flexibly configured as LAN or WAN)
  • One Compact Flash (CF) slot with 4GB Industrial SLC Flash included
  • Watchdog timer, real time clock
  • Console Port
  • Two USB 2.0 Ports, One RJ45 COM Port
  • One miniPCI-e slot with SIM carrier
  • 2.5" Hard Drive Bay
  • Slim 40mm height
  • Power cord and SATA cables included
  • RoHS Compliant parts and production processes
  • Optional 1U rack mounting bracket available

Software Features:

Your FW-7541 arrives pre-loaded with pfSense software. If you prefer, reload the CF card with your own operating system (Windows XP, Linux, BSD) or application software (AstLinux) to support your application. 


  • NAT:
    • TCP - 497 Mbps
    • UDP - 697 Mbps
  • Filtering enabled, NAT disabled:
    • TCP - 521 Mbps
    • UDP - 739 Mbps
  • Filtering and NAT both disabled:
    • TCP - 941 Mbps
    • UDP - 756 Mbps
  • OpenVPN (AES-256):
    • TCP - 61 Mbps
    • UDP - 62 Mbps
  • OpenVPN (AES-128) :
    • TCP - 70 Mbps
    • UDP - 75 Mbps
  • OpenVPN (Blowfish):
    • TCP - 82 Mbps
    • UDP - 88 Mbps
  • IPsec (3DES):
    • TCP - 36 Mbps
    • UDP - 39 Mbps
  • IPsec (AES-128):
    • TCP - 70 Mbps
    • UDP - 76 Mbps
  • IPsec (AES-256):
    • TCP - 63 Mbps
    • UDP - 71 Mbps
  • IPsec (Blowfish-128):
    • TCP - 67 Mbps
    • UDP - 74 Mbps

    Results on the FW-7541 are faster with BSD cryptodev.

pfSense Description:

pfSense is a free, open source firewall and router platform based on NanoBSD / FreeBSD that includes most all of the features of expensive, commercial firewalls. This next generation pfSense stateful firewall for embedded applications supports:

  • In place upgrades. No need to disassemble your system in order to upgrade, patch or add packages to your CF.
  • Multiple firmware support. Two partitions on the CF, each with their own separate pfSense install means you can test upgrades and rollbacks without impacting your production environment.
  • Ports and package support. FreeBSD packages that are suitable for an embedded platform can be installed and used.

pfSense provides a software packaging system which allows for the extension of functionality beyond its extensive core feature set. Core features include:

  • Stateful firewall based on OpenBSD pf
  • Captive portal with MAC filtering, RADIUS support, etc.
  • NAT support
  • Load balancing
  • VPN: IPsec, OpenVPN, PPTP
  • Dynamic DNS client
  • DHCP Server and Relay functions
  • PPPoE Server
  • Reporting and monitoring features with real time information

Hardware Specification:

  • Form Factor: Desktop
  • Processor: Intel Atom Pineview D-525 1.8 Ghz
  • Chipset: ICH8M
  • System Memory: 2GB of memory. Upgradeable to 4GB.
  • OS Supported: Windows, Linux, and BSD ready
  • Storage: 1 HDD Bay 2.5" (commercial grade HDD only)
  • Hard Drive Interface: Serial ATA x 1, Type II CF x 1
  • Networking: 6 GbE ports
  • Networking Chipset: Intel 82574L, Intel 82583V
  • Console:RJ45 x 1
  • USB: 2.0 ports x 2
  • Expansion Slot: mini-PCIe x 1
  • Cooling: Passive Heatsink
  • Environmental:
    • Temperature, ambient operating: 0°C ~ 40°C
    • Temperature, ambient storage: -20°C ~ 70°C
    • Humidity (RH), ambient operating and non-operating: 5% ~ 95%, non condensing
  • Internal realtime clock with Li Battery
  • Physical Dimensions: 268L x 145W x 40H mm
  • Weight: 3.3 lbs without HDD
  • Power: 60W AC/DC power adapter
  • Power Input: AC 100-240V ~1.6A at 50Hz~60Hz
  • System Input: DC 12V, 5A
  • Power Cable: Standard IEC 320 EN 60320 C14 to US Style plug. Other countries may inexpensively source their own power cord.
  • Approvals & Compliance: CE Emission, FCC Class A, RoHS, UL

Additional information:

Warranty and Support Information:

Starting February 4, 2014: Netgate pfSense Certified firewall arrives pre-installed with pfSense 2.1 and features a one year subscription to Netgate’s Premium Support. A Netgate Premium Support subscription serves as a life-line for network engineers and IT professional responsible for maintaining the Netgate firewall with pfSense Certified on-site. Netgate Premium Support includes:

  • A dedicated premium support portal
  • One year of pfSense Certified software updates and bug fixes
  • One year of Netgate’s pfSense Certified premium add-ons for pfSense 2.1.X
  • Unlimited number of tickets/resolutions for the life of the subscription
  • Documentation and Best Practice advice from Netgate engineers
  • Target initial response time of 4 business hours to every ticket
  • Discounted pricing on Netgate consulting and firewall configuration services
  • Advance notice of upcoming products from Netgate

For systems purchased prior to February 4, 2014, a Netgate Premium Support Upgrade subscription is available.

  • In addition, free support for all pfSense questions is available on the pfSense free forum.
  • Additional professional software support subscriptions are also available through the pfSense Premium Portal.
  • Standard 30 day return policy.
  • One year manufacturers warranty.
  • All Specifications subject to change without notice.

BIOS Setup via Console Port:

Configure your serial terminal program to support ANSI color and 115200 baud. If you are using minicom, add '-c on' to the minicom command line to turn on color.

At startup, when you hear the beep typeto enter the BIOS Setup screen. Go to "Advanced" -> "Remote Access Configuration" and make the following changes:

  • Serial Port Mode: 19200 8,n,1
  • Redirection After BIOS POST: Disabled
  • Sredir Memory Display Delay: Delay 4 Sec

Save the BIOS changes, reboot, and reconfigure your serial terminal program to 19200 baud.


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by Karl Fife
on 11/15/2013
from Chicago, IL
We just bought our fifth one!
We found that latency dropped, throughput increased, and JITTER decreased considerably compared to our GEODE-LX based Soekris boards. To my great surprise, these we observed these improvements even though the Soekris board did not seem resource constrained, especially the CPU. 

I can summarize my feelings in just one word: 
"We like it a lot, seriously."
by eliott
on 10/18/2013
Works great. Also wish it had more mounting options.
Running the latest pfsense.
Migrated from m1n1wall 2d13 and performance is great.

No problems so far.
by John
on 9/10/2013
from Madison, WI
Works great
This router works great. The on/off button can be easy to accidentally press if you having it running and you are moving it around. I upgraded it to pfsense v2.0.3. I wish it had holes in the bottom so I could mount it with screws to a wall.
by Techno T
on 8/16/2013
from Pittsburgh
Two words...
Simply Awesome!
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