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Soekris VPN1411: Crypto accelerator miniPCI Card

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All cards have the HiFn 7954 processor.

The Soekris VPN1411 hardware security accelerator delivers excellent performance at a competetive price, off-loading the CPU from the computing intensive tasks of encryption and compression.
The VPN1411 is perfect for low cost and low power VPN Routers like the ALIX-based m1n1wall pfSense systems, and can deliver enhanced IPsec throughput.

IPsec maximum throughput on ALIX boards without and with vpn1411*:

3DES: 13.7 Mbps vs 34.6 Mbps
AES: 19.4 Mbps vs 34.2 Mbps
AES256: 13.5 Mbps vs 34.2 Mbps


  • Hi/fn 7954 security accelerator chip
  • System throughput at up to 40 Mbps
  • Encryption, 128 AES at upto 19 Mbps, 3-DES at upto 40 Mbps
  • Hardware random number generator
  • 33/66 Mhz Mini-PCI type III form factor
  • Power max 1.8 Watt
  • Operating temperature 0-60 °C

Additional Information:

  • Software: OpenBSD, FreeBSD fully supported in the latest release. This means it also works with pfSense and m0n0wall. Linux support is under development.
  • RoHS-5 Compliance: yes

Open VPN performance notes which may be useful

Since OpenVPN runs in user-space, it is bcopy() bound. (Each packet makes several trips across the User-space/Kernel-space boundary.)

You probably won't see the performance gains you'd hoped for. As a suggestion, try ipsec instead of openvpn.

You might start here for specific hints about using the crypto accelerator with pfSense: Supported Cryptographic Accelerators in pfSense

Also, you should disable glxsb under System > Advanced, on the misc tab. Unless you disable glxsb, the Hifn on the VPN1411 won't be used. (glxsb is driver for the crypto engine onboard the Geode CPU in the Alix.)

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