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Web Power Switch IV with LED Screen

Web control is here! You've found the most reliable, cost effective power controller on the market. This remote switch with built-in web server is ideal for home and commercial use.

Control Any AC Device!

Control anything anywhere! Save time. Save power. Eliminate service calls. Switch routers, servers, lighting, even industrial machinery via the web! Customize the web server with your own links. Do it all securely from any web browser!

The Web Power Switch IV (LPC4) is a cost-effective AC power switch for remote control and reboot.


High current surge suppression, scripting, syslog, and AutoPing automatic reboot are now standard features in every unit. Add rack mount bracket (Part # LPC-RMB listed below).

Web Interface

The internal web server is configured and controlled from any standard browser. Enter the IP address in the browser URL line.

8 Switched Outlets + 2 Un-switched Outlets

Eight control circuits are provided, each with a switched outlet. Two un-switched outlets power "always on" devices. Line voltages from 90-240VAC voltage are detected automatically. A circuit breaker and power sequencing are provided.

Security: Password, Movable HTTP Port and Subnet Restriction

Password security limits access to the switch. A changeable HTTP port makes the switch virtually impossible to access without knowing your custom URL. Subnet restriction limits control to your LAN.

Sequenced "On Timer"

A programmable delay timer allows outlets to be switched on in sequence, rather than simultaneously. Most electrical devices draw more power when initially switched on. Using the timer, more equipment can be attached without overload.

New Features, Flash Firmware Upgrades

Upgrade via Ethernet as new features become available. Scripting, Syslog, and AutoPing features have been added to your unit.

The factory installed options in the Web Power Switch IV are:

  • Internal Auto-Ping to automatically monitor servers
  • BASIC Scripting Language
  • Syslog Reporting
  • Internal high-current MOV Surge Protection

Additional Information:

Manual: PDF

Warranty and Support Information:


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